A Cat A Day: 364/365

Rosie is home from the vet, but has to go back in the morning to spend another day on the drip. This morning’s blood and urea tests show a little improvement on yesterday’s, but she still has 10x too much creatinine in her blood, which indicates between 75% and 90% loss of renal function. 

This is better than yesterday, but still very bad. The vet decided he would like her to come home to us, so we can try to tempt her to eat something. John has bought, cooked and finely chopped steak, chicken and prawns, but she isn’t interested. Yet.

We are trying to think positively and are delighted that she had several big drinks of water after she came home. Then she slept for a few hours on our bed while I cuddled her and about 10 minutes ago, Rosie got up, had two more big drinks and then used the litter tray. 

Tomorrow morning we are taking her back to the vets at 9am for her to spend another day on a drip to continue to flush her kidneys. She is definitely improving in herself and is as determined and strong-minded as ever, even if she is wobbly on her feet. We are using the power of positive thought to the best of our ability.

I am going to continue this blog into the New Year, so will keep posting about her progress.


Why couldn’t she have sat in a nice place for this picture? This is the still-uncarpeted landing, complete with step-ladders. Oh never mind, it doesn’t matter, does it?

One thought on “A Cat A Day: 364/365

  1. Glad she is drinking – that’s the most important thing with cats isn’t it? I’m sure someone told me that once… fingers crossed her and I hope her time at the vets tomorrow brings more improvements. xx

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