A Cat A Day 2013 #101

20130411-210419.jpg These glossy, gorgeous and affectionate sisters are Lily and Bella. Their mum is my friend Helen’s rescue Lilac Point, Luna. The girls live on the Isle of Wight and it sounds as if they lead a wonderful life. Apparently they rule the roost and are complete madams; when they want something, they just yell and someone jumps immediately to do their bidding. Lily and Bella’s home must be in the countryside, because they live on a quiet dead-end road and there is plenty of wildlife and a river close by. However, this is not a perfect cat haven; their owner Katie tells me that their cat flap privileges have been withdrawn since they brought a rat into the house (!)

History does not tell if they killed it first …

A Cat A Day 2013 #87

Bliss. The holidays are here. I have snaffled these pictures from my friend Helen. A friend gave Helen a foil blanket for her baby, Pearl.

Pearl wasn’t at all impressed, but Winston the Apricot Point and Luna, the rescue Lilac Point feel far more positive.



We considered a few captions, from ‘How to barbecue your cat’ to ‘SPACE CAT!’.

A Cat A Day 2013 #64

I don’t know their names, but these sleek healthy young cats are two more of the kittens Helen rescued as tiny sickly half-Siamese babies along with their Lilac point mum Luna. I’m sure Helen will remind me what they’re called.
Am full of mysterious ill-humour tonight. Perhaps there’s a storm coming. Time for bed to sleep it off (and escape from John shouting at the football match).
Good night all.

A Cat A Day 2013 #52


Bridget the Seal point is fiercely devoted to my friend Helen and won’t allow anyone else to touch her (which can pose problems at the vet’s). Luna the Lilac point was rescued by Helen just after she gave birth to kittens with a mystery moggie dad. Helen nursed shy sweet Luna and the sickly, weak kittens to health, paid their vet’s bills and found them loving homes. Helen is a very kind person.

This picture is special because these two gorgeous girls rarely cuddle up together.