A Cat A Day 2013 #20

I have been working all weekend and I don’t think I have done half of what there is to do. I’m sure I’m going wrong somewhere. Earlier, in order to cheer me up, my friend Alex sent me this picture of his daft cat Skimbleshanks determinedly squashing himself into a shoebox. It worked Alex, thank you!


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A Cat A Day: 24/366

My Canadian friend Sylvia tweeted this photograph of her sister’s cat Scarlett at the weekend. Fluffy Scarlett has found a way of squeezing into this basket so that she can lie right down and snooze on her sunny window sill. To be honest, I don’t think it even looks that comfortable, but I have lost count of the number of times I have seen a cat fast asleep in an awkward position. I think they relax so much that they forget how squashed they really are.


Plus, cats have a bad habit of never admitting to mistakes.

A Cat A Day: 211/365

Don’t cats love boxes? Today’s featured cat has been sent to me by Dawn German and I love his story. Thanks very much for sharing, Dawn.


“Here is a picture of Button. He is three years old. We rescued him from RSPCA as a present for my eldest daughter, although, to be fair he chose us. The minute we walked into the cattery he started meowing loudly, attracting our attention. When the girl took him out of the cage so we could meet him, he raced over to the cat box we had brought with us and climbed in! Clearly, he had decided that he was coming home with us. He was only 12 weeks old at the time. My youngest named him: although he is black, he has a little white dot on his chest. Ellie referred to it as his top button…then decided that this should be his name.

He is the sweetest cat I have ever met. (Have had a few cats in my time) He is gentle and patient with children: even when Ellie dragged him along the hall by his tail!! As most cats, he runs to meet us when we get home, but occasionally walks with us the girls’ school in the morning, waits patiently at the gate for me then accompanies me back home. He has walked with the family all the way to the local Asda supermarket – which is just over a mile away. He sat beautifully by the bike shed until we had bought food, then walked back with us. He was rather tired about 5 mins from home so allowed Lucy to carry him (which is rare)!

His favourite activity is sharpening his claws on my Rubenia (not sure of spelling) tree in the garden, then chasing butterflies. Thankfully, he has never caught one but he hasn’t given up hope! He also has a thing for cardboard boxes and has to climb inside each one. (One of the photos was taken in my utility room – excuse the mess – I had put the box out for recycling and discovered Button inside it!) Everyone in our neighbourhood knows Button as he is so friendly. Even our vet (who is a gruff, “mature” man) refers to him as his favourite.

Of course, I think he is special and unique. We all love him and I think he quite likes us too.”