A Cat A Day 2013 #130

Let’s celebrate Friday and the 10th anniversary of Bridget’s arrival chez Helen. I learned tonight that during those ten years Bridget has put Helen in hospital by almost gassing her to death. Helen has accidentally broken Bridget’s leg. She has bitten many visitors, glared at Mr Daykin each day and been put under permanent house-arrest for terrorising the neighbours. In short, Bridget and Helen adore each other and Bridget is a mean, bossy menace to everyone else.

Long live Bridget!


A Cat A Day 2013 #52


Bridget the Seal point is fiercely devoted to my friend Helen and won’t allow anyone else to touch her (which can pose problems at the vet’s). Luna the Lilac point was rescued by Helen just after she gave birth to kittens with a mystery moggie dad. Helen nursed shy sweet Luna and the sickly, weak kittens to health, paid their vet’s bills and found them loving homes. Helen is a very kind person.

This picture is special because these two gorgeous girls rarely cuddle up together.