A Cat A Day 2013 #154

Rosa has been back home with Jo for almost a fortnight now. I hope she has regained most of the weight she lost during her unhappy stay with us. She had also lost lots of tummy fur, which I hope has begun to grow back.


A Cat A Day 2013 #141

Well, it’s a sad day, because Rosa is not going to stay on with us. She has made friends with all the humans she has met, but Rosa is resolutely determined not to make friends with Milka, Florence and Willow. Milka has been very persistent in making friendly advances, but Rosa won’t have it and snarls at him. One of their spats led to the little scratch on her nose.

I knew it was time to admit defeat yesterday, when Rosa snarled at Percy, who she has known since he was born. I think she must see him as one of ‘our’ cats, because he smells like them now.

Isobel and her friend Jen took about 50 silly pictures after school yesterday and Rosa just calmly enjoyed her cuddle. It’s just the other cats she doesn’t like.