A Cat A Day: 223/365

When John and I were married in October 1998, Hershey was still young. My bridesmaid was my half-sister Jessica, who was just eight at the time. She and my father and stepmother Jen stayed with us for a couple of days before the wedding and made the acquaintance of Hershey and Pushkin.


A few weeks later I received this brilliant portrait of Hershey in the post and I have kept it safe and treasured ever since. It’s so full of character; I just love it and always have.

A Cat A Day: 197/365

From left to right in this blurry picture; Cosmo, Hershey and Pushkin. 


My daughter says I’ve spoiled my 365 Challenge. For the first time since 1st January, I missed posting to this blog yesterday. My son fell off his bike yesterday evening and in the aftermath of cuddles and reassurances I just forgot.

But I decided a few years ago not to be so hard on myself, nothing is ruined is it?  It is a shame, but not the end of the world.



A Cat A Day: 36/365

With the death of Pushkin yesterday, I’m feeling nostalgic. This is Pushkin’s brother, Hershey – a chocolate point, naturally. He was cross-eyed, knock-kneed and had a heart murmur. He was also the bossiest cat I’ve ever lived with and would ride round the house on my shoulder like a parrot, shouting in my ear. My mother, grandma and best friend clubbed together to buy Pushkin and Hershey for me. They were the first cats I ever owned myself and now they’re both gone.


A Cat A Day: 22/365

One day in 1970, my parents went out to buy a Siamese cat and came home with two. Siamese have been part of my life much of the time since. Today’s picture shows brothers Hershey (at the front) and Pushkin who were the first Siamese which ever belonged just to me. Sadly, Hershey died in July 2009, but Pushkin is still around, getting fur all over the place.