A Cat A Day 2013 #2

Cosmo (seen here on the right, with Willow) fell ill on 18th November and on the 22nd he died. It was a rare liver problem, which baffled the vet at first.

He was a great big handsome, gentle and loving cat. We were shocked and heartbroken to lose Cosmo and will continue to miss him every day for a long time. Poor old chap.


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A Cat A Day: 44/366

I didn’t post yesterday, so this is my second offering today.

I have spent hours today noodling purposelessly on the internet. Among the pointless things I have come across is a meme about cat breading. Yes, ‘breading’, not ‘breeding’. Of course, I had to waste a slice of plastic white and jump immediately on that bandwagon. I’m very easily led…


Willow saw what was coming and escaped before I could torment him too. I completely understand if you now unfriend me on FaceBook and unfollow me on Twitter.