A Cat A Day 2013 #187

We have all enjoyed a gloriously hot July day today. My heart went out to Sabine Lisicki during today’s Wimbledon Ladies’ Final. She had performed so amazingly to reach the final, knocking out Serena Williams along the way. Sabine was smiley throughout the tournament and has excellent nicknames in the German press. She is known as Doris Becker and Boom Boom, because of her huge serve, only the second fastest in the women’s game (behind Serena).

But today, Sabine couldn’t handle being in the final of Wimbledon and after she lost the first set, I suspect her toilet break was really a weeping break. She played on through tears and recovered some of her cool during the second set. I hope that when Bartoli finally won, Lisicki was able to recognise her own strength in keeping going when things had been so tough. A little pride was saved. Congratulations to Marion Bartoli.

From personal experience, I recognise the fury one feels when unwelcome tears well up. On occasions, I have felt very angry with my own brain and body, because I have cried in front of people who I really didn’t trust. Lately, my struggle has been with anger and bitterness. I don’t know how to handle them either.

Our cats have been visibly affected by the heat, being lethargic and lazy. How adorable do Percy and Milka look in this photograph?


A Cat A Day 2013 #186

Well here’s a thing: my 12 year-old son Ted is in France on a school trip, my 13 year-old daughter Isobel is in Manchester overnight at her first live gig (Orla Gartland, since you ask), so I thought I would have a romantic evening with Mr Joyce.

Erm. No.

Three days ago, one of his oldest friends invited him for their first blokes’ night out in about 18 months. Soooo, it’s just me, Murray and Janowicz. Not very relaxing just at the moment at one set all, early in the third set.

Today’s beautiful picture was drawn just for my blog by Isobel’s friend Jess. She really has a skilled touch, doesn’t she? Thank you very much indeed, Jess!


A Cat A Day 2013 #175

Over the last few days, I have acquired a few guest photographs from kind people. However, after I received this picture of Katie’s cat Bella watching the tennis from the opening day of Wimbledon, I just had to use it today.

To Jo, Susie and Helen – thank you for your photographs and they will appear in the next few days. I appreciate you thinking of me and my pointless feline activities.