A Cat A Day 16/4/14

It’s been a busy day here at Joyce Towers involving sorting, chucking, cleaning and a trip to the tip. Most satisfying, but we have a lot more to do.

Excellent news about Mouse, too! As I write, I have three cats sitting on my lap. Mouse is sandwiched between Milka and Percy and they’re all contentedly asleep. I’ll know she’s totally settled when I spot them washing each other. Nearly sorted.

20140416-211510.jpg I couldn’t get all three in one picture, so you’ll have to be happy with Percy draped over Mouse.

3 thoughts on “A Cat A Day 16/4/14

  1. Aaaaaaah!
    I’m so happy for Mouse & Co – I’ve been following their progress here.
    It’s always a relief when they snuggle up together and a shared wash and brush up will be a sure sign of luv in the house !
    It’s nice to see a bit of Percy as we have his sister Riobelle Pearl (Pixie to us) and also Milkas sis Riobelle Mocha (Nissa). Teasle is our older girl a Lilac Point like Mouse.
    Wishing u all a happy Easter holiday,
    Carolyn =^_^=

    • What a lovely message!

      I’m so tickled you have Percy and Milka’s sisters. Do they get on well? The boys are totally inseparable bosom buddies and I knew that once they accepted Mouse all would be cool. We not only have those three, but also red-point Florence from Jo and another adoptee, lilac-point male Willow. One day, I’ll catch all five sleeping in a big furry pile.

      A very Happy Easter to you and yours 🙂

      • Hehe ! Yes Fiona they do get on well : )
        Pixie and Nissa are double trouble but are very loving with Teasle .
        Meezers just can’t help but sleep in a heap – bound to happen – it’s the law ^_^

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