A Cat A Day 2013 #85

How about some awesome kitten-ness to get us through the rest of the week? This adorable wee girl is a Cinnamon Oriental named Mishra and she is three weeks old. She was born as a solitary kitten and if you would like to see her amazingly beautiful parents, Gabi and Rudi, have a peek at her breeder’s website Mullsi Siamese.

If you look closely at Mishra’s photograph, you’ll notice she has scratched her little nose with her own claw. Someone suggested she wear some mittens like the ones we put on babies. Experience tells me this idea is doomed to failure. Have you ever tried to dress a cat up like a dolly? I am afraid I have. Lots of times.

In mitigation, I must add that I was under 10 years old. I’m still tempted sometimes, though.


Thank you for letting me share Mishra’s photograph, Tina.

A Cat A Day: 325/365

My old school-friend Caroline has sent me lots of photographs for this blog and this is the last. The lucky girl who gets to eat her dinner on the kitchen worktop is Miss Megan. Caroline is grieving for her dog Daisy, who recently passed away. I send her a hug and hope she is feeling a little better now.


A Cat A Day: 323/365

On Thursday at Presentation Evening, I made a sentimental last goodbye to the group of students who left my school this summer. Most have moved on confidently and are now settled into their new lives of study and work. For all Facebook’s faults, I love it, because it lets me stay in touch with a great group of wonderful young people of whom I became very fond.


Among them is Jason, who appears to be winning a staring match with Poppet, who we first met in March.