A Cat A Day 8/4/14

I have spent the day at school again today, even though it’s the Easter holidays. I’ve been trying to get all my (200+) pupils’ books marked right up to date. With a new marking policy and paperwork to be completed and glued into every book, it’s proved to be impossible to do in two days. After 7 hours of wielding my pen and a glue stick, I regretfully gave up and brought the rest home.

I arrived to hear that Mouse has been eating and drinking, using her litter tray (to my relief) and having plenty of cuddles with Isobel. However, she still hasn’t explored far.

I’ve decided that I’m going to pick her up tomorrow and take her on a tour to see the sights of our house. Percy, Milka and Willow are still fascinated by Mouse, but she growls at them when they approach. Florence hasn’t been closer than about 3 meters. Scaredy-cat.


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