A Cat A Day: 180/365

This lovely menagerie belongs to Caroline Bailey. The kitty is Miss Pearl and the Yorkie is Lily, and the larger dog is called Daisy. Caroline has another Yorkie, who is called Dolly, who is a bit smaller than Lily. They are so comfortable and harmonious, aren’t they? Childhood exposure to Tom & Jerry taught me that cats and dogs are enemies and I still find it amazing when they cuddle up like this. A little miracle in my eyes . . . 


I hereby challenge Caroline to capture all her cats and dogs in a single photograph!

Amended 21.50pm 29/06/2011

A Cat A Day: 160/365

Please meet Miss Pearl Bailey and Dolly the Yorkie. This photo was sent to me by Caroline Bailey, with whom I went to school many a long year ago. When we arrived at secondary school, Caroline and I were the two tallest girls in first year. She kept growing tall and willowy. I stopped and remained pretty average.


I remember lots of things, but one of my favourites was sharing a tent at school camp for a week. All the other kids were in big scout camp-type group tents, but Caroline and I had a tent to ourselves and felt special.

I’ve said before that I enjoy seeing cats and dogs getting on well together. Even more when the dog is a Yorkie. I know my friends Dominic McGladdery and Pauline Bailes will also enjoy today’s photo.

Thanks Caroline – your other kitties will also appear over the coming weeks.

A Cat A Day: 127/365

I love that the classic enemies, cats and dogs, sometimes live together in harmony. Polly and Merlin live with Annalise Adam and Merlin is still very young and doesn’t yet know what’s what. This is a total action-shot of a surprise encounter. To me, it appears that Merlin is curious and Polly is mightily surprised. Soon I will bring you a picture of Polly at rest.

Great photo; thanks Annalise!


A Cat A Day: 65/365


Another murder! This time, I caught the killer red-pawed. Willow has murdered a NintenDog by drowning it in the catfood dish and then ripping all its guts out and spreading them round the house. When he flings the body around, the chip in its ear moans pathetically. Gruesome indeed.

And we still don’t have a carpet on the landing.