A Cat A Day 2013 #134

20130514-191651.jpgThe kitten has a name at last: Percival-Pelham.
John settled on a posh double-barrelled moniker, because he couldn’t make a final choice. We all liked Percy for an everyday name and and the Pelham is in tribute to our favourite P.G. Wodehouse. John says he’s going to call Percy Plum, which was P.G.’s own nickname. So that’s all settled then.

A Cat A Day 2013 #132

Things are settling well at Siamese Towers. Quartz and Rosa remember each other and have given each other confidence and companionship. Rosa is grooming Quartz as if she is his mum. It seems that my weakness which led me to buy another of Jo’s kittens has been the key to making Rosa settle at last.
Willow is a total dude and is tolerant of and mildly interested in all other cats and hostile to none. Florence is undecided through absence-under-the-bed.
Milka is our only current concern. He’s been hissing at Quartz and has even given him a paw-bat or two. I’m sanguine that all will be well in a couple of days.


A Cat A Day 2013 #131

Our new baby is home. We visited lovely Jo this afternoon and had a blissful time petting the members of her beautiful cat family. I feel bad when I bring a cat away from her, because she loves each an every one of them. I hope she doesn’t feel sad for too long when we’ve gone.

This little red-point boy brings the resident feline population up to five. He doesn’t have a pet name yet, but his pedigree name is Quartz. It’s John’s choice of name for this little one and he’s come up with about 73 options so far. The best news is that Rosa definitely recognises Quartz and has come out from hiding to sniff and lick him. She reappears every time he shouts. He’s eaten lots of chicken, had a sleep on all the humans and met all the cats except Florence. Brilliant debut!!