A Cat A Day: 226/365

Tidying up recently, I found this lovely old photograph of my mum feeding the cats. As you can see, it’s almost 40 years old. We were living in Kent at the time, my brother was a little baby and we had many Siamese kittens. My parents first brought Siamese into our lives with Candle, a redpoint male who loved to fetch like a dog. He won their hearts completely and they went out very soon to buy him a companion cat. They came home with two, having been unable to choose between two sisters Belle and Spook.

We were all heart-broken when Candle was run over at 6 months old.

When they were old enough, my mother put both girls to stud and we soon had 2 cats and 9 kittens. Awww. Of course, the intention was to sell them. This photograph was taken when we still had lots of kittens left.


It’s a long story and I’ll tell more of it another day.