A Cat A Day 2013 #252

I will let my friend Lynda explain what Fudge did today:

He’s done it again. Fell asleep upstairs on a purple cushion. Collar got caught in it. Dragged it all the way downstairs, along the hall & into the sitting room.

Fudge has a bit of a history of being daft and I refer you to this story from February 2011.


A Cat A Day 2013 #247


A guest post today. My colleague Amanda has kindly sent me a picture of her cat Gemma, who sadly died very recently. She has also written a very loving epitaph:

May 15th 1992-September 1st 2013
My grande dame, my prima donna, my Gem-squash. If Elizabeth Taylor had been a cat, this is the cat she would have been. Gemma was rehomed with me when she was 4 and never lost her East Midlands accent despite a couple of years in Sussex and fifteen on Teesside, but usually she got what she wanted with a look anyway. For the past couple of years we battled kidney and thyroid problems, but she still ruled the house from her cushion in front of the fire, and let me know when she wanted a midnight snack by jumping on my pillow and bunting my face. We had a good run, baby girl.