A Cat A Day: 314/365

My beastly children locked themselves in the bathroom with Willow, who didn’t want to be there. He looks unhappy in his photograph and you can listen to his pitiful (very un-Siamese) miaows too, if you want. 


A Cat A Day: 248/365


Vicky Pollitt’s two cats are named Bertie and Ernie and are 2 years old. Today’s adorable picture shows Ernie in the sink. This is what Vicky told me about him:

“He loves hunting for moths and worms, but is unable to catch anything bigger because he gets excited and chirps too loudly so they run away.  He’s a sensitive soul who hates noise; he likes nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie. He is very talkative and enjoys thinking he can sing. He’s not the cleverest, but is the most loving cat ever – he’s always overjoyed to see us.”

Doesn’t he look and sound a gorgeous kitty? 

Thanks Vicky – we’ll see Bertie soon.