A Cat A Day: 250/365

Today’s cat is named Scatty and she and I are friends on Twitter.


She lives with a kind human called Dughall McCormick. Scatty tells me that she has a regular habit of clanking the tap on this sink at 3:45am and one of the humans comes and runs water into the sink. Scatty clearly has her humans well trained. 

Scatty will be back soon . . .


A Cat A Day: 248/365


Vicky Pollitt’s two cats are named Bertie and Ernie and are 2 years old. Today’s adorable picture shows Ernie in the sink. This is what Vicky told me about him:

“He loves hunting for moths and worms, but is unable to catch anything bigger because he gets excited and chirps too loudly so they run away.  He’s a sensitive soul who hates noise; he likes nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie. He is very talkative and enjoys thinking he can sing. He’s not the cleverest, but is the most loving cat ever – he’s always overjoyed to see us.”

Doesn’t he look and sound a gorgeous kitty? 

Thanks Vicky – we’ll see Bertie soon.