A Cat A Day 2013 #143

Jo sent me this photograph of Rosa at home earlier this evening. Ross’s at the back and her sister Astrah is in the foreground. John and I are so relieved that she has instantly settled back in. We look forward to hearing that she’s re-gained the weight she lost while she was unhappy at our house and that the sore skin on her tummy has healed again. It was a well-meant, but failed attempt to re-home her, which we hope has no lasting consequences.


A Cat A Day 2013 #131

Our new baby is home. We visited lovely Jo this afternoon and had a blissful time petting the members of her beautiful cat family. I feel bad when I bring a cat away from her, because she loves each an every one of them. I hope she doesn’t feel sad for too long when we’ve gone.

This little red-point boy brings the resident feline population up to five. He doesn’t have a pet name yet, but his pedigree name is Quartz. It’s John’s choice of name for this little one and he’s come up with about 73 options so far. The best news is that Rosa definitely recognises Quartz and has come out from hiding to sniff and lick him. She reappears every time he shouts. He’s eaten lots of chicken, had a sleep on all the humans and met all the cats except Florence. Brilliant debut!!


A Cat A Day 2013 #129

I am a glutton.
In lots of ways: for punishment, for chocolate and for Siamese.
Not content with bringing Rosa from Jo’s to retire to our house last Saturday, we also fell in kitty-love with this little guy. He is coming to live with us this Saturday. We are not going to acquire a cat every week, I have promised my husband. Five is full capacity and will provide us with plenty of fun, games and cuddles.



A Cat A Day 2013 #85

How about some awesome kitten-ness to get us through the rest of the week? This adorable wee girl is a Cinnamon Oriental named Mishra and she is three weeks old. She was born as a solitary kitten and if you would like to see her amazingly beautiful parents, Gabi and Rudi, have a peek at her breeder’s website Mullsi Siamese.

If you look closely at Mishra’s photograph, you’ll notice she has scratched her little nose with her own claw. Someone suggested she wear some mittens like the ones we put on babies. Experience tells me this idea is doomed to failure. Have you ever tried to dress a cat up like a dolly? I am afraid I have. Lots of times.

In mitigation, I must add that I was under 10 years old. I’m still tempted sometimes, though.


Thank you for letting me share Mishra’s photograph, Tina.

A Cat A Day 2013 #82

If everything continues to go well, beautiful Rosa is going to retire to live with us in the next couple of months. We are so delighted. Rosa is Florence’s sister and we are hoping she’ll show Flossie how to come out of her shell and enjoy family life. Rosa is shown here in a picture from earlier today cuddling up with one of her adorable kittens.

We are so honoured and excited, Jo!


A Cat A Day 2013 #55

Ted told me tonight that Rio is the most beautiful cat he has ever seen. He is a working chap, performing duties as stud male for Jo. He ‘entertains’ girl-cats for weekends in his love-pen at the back of Jo’s home. He has turned out to be a gentle and affectionate dad, as today’s picture of him with one of his kittens illustrates. If Rio is ever exhausted by the demands of his work and needs a retirement home, Ted hopes Jo considers us.


A Cat A Day 2013 #50

PhotoRosa is Florence’s sister and she still lives with her breeder Jo, who kept her as a breeding queen. You see her here with her kittens in a photograph from last week. I think they are all so beautiful.
Sadly for Jo and for Rosa, who is a great mum, pregnancy and kitten-birth don’t agree with Rosa, so she’s not going to have another litter. The silver lining for us is that Rosa might retire to our house! We are all waiting with fingers crossed for her to feel top-fit again and perhaps she might join us at Easter. Squeak!

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A Cat A Day 2013 #26

These four Siamese kittens were born this morning to Belle and Rio. Breeder Joanne Law of Riobelle Siamese, took this picture about three minutes after the last kitten was born. Jo thinks there are three girls and a boy, although she says it’s difficult to be sure so early. This evening, Belle is showing what a good mum she is and all is calm with the kittens healthy and suckling confidently.

I know they are not pretty yet, but it’s always touching to see new babies come into the world, isn’t it?

Thank you for permission to use your picture, Jo.


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