A Cat A Day: 31/366

As is probably natural, John and I have spent quite some time questioning ourselves over whether the illness and eventual deaths of two of our cats during January has in any way been because of neglect or another failing on our part. We have reflected that we have cared for other cats into old age, but still wonder if the matter-of-fact, non-fussy approach has just been lucky for us before now.

We, and other pedigree cat-owners we know, have also debated whether Siamese are more delicate nowadays because of weaknesses accidentally in-bred in the pursuit of cat-show honours. We have always just loved Siamese for their lazy grace, their magnificent miaows and their strong, affectionate characters. I have bought more than one considered ‘faulty’ by their breeder.

However, as a family, we really can’t face another period of illness and loss such as that since New Year. We have therefore invested in the absolute Rolls Royce of pet insurances, which even includes ‘Complimentary Therapies’ up to the value of £2,000 p/a per cat. I am imagining hydrotherapy here, folks. From now on, if any cat in this house even sneezes, they’ll be down to the vet’s so fast, they won’t have time to be afraid of the car journey. Insurance really does help one’s peace of mind.


Fuzzy picture, but I didn’t like how the flash bleached everything. Sent from my iPad