A Cat A Day 2013 #87

Bliss. The holidays are here. I have snaffled these pictures from my friend Helen. A friend gave Helen a foil blanket for her baby, Pearl.

Pearl wasn’t at all impressed, but Winston the Apricot Point and Luna, the rescue Lilac Point feel far more positive.



We considered a few captions, from ‘How to barbecue your cat’ to ‘SPACE CAT!’.

A Cat A Day 2013 #29

My friend Helen is a fellow cat-lover and shares her home with two fluffy black cats and three Siamese.


As you can see from today’s photograph, sweet baby Pearl joined the family a few short months ago. Chris and Helen’s little one was born 8 weeks early and caused some worry for a while. Happily, she is now thriving and Helen is back at work, while Chris is relishing his r??le as a full-time dad.


Naughty Winston claimed to be baby-sitting this morning, but Helen says it was really just opportunism; cats are not allowed to sit on Pearl’s wool blanket. I imagine this picture was snapped, then Winston was chased.


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