A Cat A Day 2013 #96

Wriggling in the sunshine. I wanted to upload a video, but it turns out that it costs $59.97 p/a to upgrade to a suitable account on WordPress. Disappointing, because I had been 100% happy so far.





A Cat A Day 2013 #34

Milka is still at the stage where he doesn’t realise his tail belongs to him. Several times a day he notices, chases and chews it.

If he happens to be in an empty bath at the time, so be it.

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A Cat A Day 2013 #15

I have lots of lovely guest cat pictures ready to share, but they will just have to wait, because I finally caught a little video of Milka playing. It meets my most important criterion of not showing any of my chaotic house in the background. I like to maintain a fa├žade of having a clean, tidy, organised home, which I imagine everyone has except me.

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