A Cat A Day 2013 #15

I have lots of lovely guest cat pictures ready to share, but they will just have to wait, because I finally caught a little video of Milka playing. It meets my most important criterion of not showing any of my chaotic house in the background. I like to maintain a fa├žade of having a clean, tidy, organised home, which I imagine everyone has except me.

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A Cat A Day: 176/365

When Rosie runs, her dangly flabby tummy swings from side to side. It’s hilarious to see and we’ve been trying to capture it on film since she came to live with us in December. This is John’s attempt from today, but sadly his camera isn’t very high quality. We need to get the Flip camera out and keep it handy.
Emma, I hope you aren’t offended, but Rosie’s jelly belly cheers me up every time I see it swing !