A Cat A Day 2013 #132

Things are settling well at Siamese Towers. Quartz and Rosa remember each other and have given each other confidence and companionship. Rosa is grooming Quartz as if she is his mum. It seems that my weakness which led me to buy another of Jo’s kittens has been the key to making Rosa settle at last.
Willow is a total dude and is tolerant of and mildly interested in all other cats and hostile to none. Florence is undecided through absence-under-the-bed.
Milka is our only current concern. He’s been hissing at Quartz and has even given him a paw-bat or two. I’m sanguine that all will be well in a couple of days.


A Cat A Day 2013 #55

Ted told me tonight that Rio is the most beautiful cat he has ever seen. He is a working chap, performing duties as stud male for Jo. He ‘entertains’ girl-cats for weekends in his love-pen at the back of Jo’s home. He has turned out to be a gentle and affectionate dad, as today’s picture of him with one of his kittens illustrates. If Rio is ever exhausted by the demands of his work and needs a retirement home, Ted hopes Jo considers us.


A Cat A Day 2013 #50

PhotoRosa is Florence’s sister and she still lives with her breeder Jo, who kept her as a breeding queen. You see her here with her kittens in a photograph from last week. I think they are all so beautiful.
Sadly for Jo and for Rosa, who is a great mum, pregnancy and kitten-birth don’t agree with Rosa, so she’s not going to have another litter. The silver lining for us is that Rosa might retire to our house! We are all waiting with fingers crossed for her to feel top-fit again and perhaps she might join us at Easter. Squeak!

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A Cat A Day 2013 #26

These four Siamese kittens were born this morning to Belle and Rio. Breeder Joanne Law of Riobelle Siamese, took this picture about three minutes after the last kitten was born. Jo thinks there are three girls and a boy, although she says it’s difficult to be sure so early. This evening, Belle is showing what a good mum she is and all is calm with the kittens healthy and suckling confidently.

I know they are not pretty yet, but it’s always touching to see new babies come into the world, isn’t it?

Thank you for permission to use your picture, Jo.


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A Cat A Day: 25/366

Sometimes, at the end of the day, all you need is a cup of tea, a nice chocolate biscuit and a photograph of a naughty kitten. I bring you our kitten Florence after having a sleep in her breeder’s coal scuttle.


Apparently, she left dirty footprints everywhere for days.

Thank you for the photograph, Jo.

A Cat A Day: 19/366

I’d like to introduce little Flossie’s mum, who has the lovely name Emunah. I took this picture on the day we collected the kitten and she seemed to know exactly what she was doing as she posed on the piano. Emunah is also a red-point Siamese and I think that Florence will grow up to look very much like her. Did you know that female red-points are really very rare?


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