A Cat A Day 2013 #149

I promised my friend Lynda that I would post this picture today. It’s Jo’s devastatingly handsome stud male Rio. He is a very friendly and affectionate boy, but because he’s a full male, he can be very liberal with his stinky urine. Jo’s partner has built Rio a lovely run outside with a warm house and lots of toys, but all of them enjoy it when he comes in the house for the evening.

This is where kitty pants come in. A brain box somewhere in the USA invented strap-on nappy pants for boy-cats. If Rio wears his, he is allowed to come in the house and socialise. In the photograph he is trying to hide them with his tail, but we know they’re there, don’t we?




A Cat A Day 2013 #133

This is Rio, who is a blue-point Siamese stud male. He belongs to Jo (our breeder) and is very good at his job, having fathered three litters of kittens over the space of nine days in his first attempts at the age of seven months. No wonder, with such handsome, ahem … ‘accoutrements’. He spends most of his time in a well-equipped pen outside Jo’s house, because whole males can be rather smelly. In a way it’s a pity, because Rio is so friendly and he loves people. He’s allowed in the house if he’s wearing his special pants. Hilarious!

20130513-201004.jpg On the home front, everything is going brilliantly. Rosa and Quartz are on my knee as I write and Milka has made friends with Quartz. We’re nearly there, as I’m sure Jo will be delighted to learn. Persistence and patience are paying off.

A Cat A Day 2013 #55

Ted told me tonight that Rio is the most beautiful cat he has ever seen. He is a working chap, performing duties as stud male for Jo. He ‘entertains’ girl-cats for weekends in his love-pen at the back of Jo’s home. He has turned out to be a gentle and affectionate dad, as today’s picture of him with one of his kittens illustrates. If Rio is ever exhausted by the demands of his work and needs a retirement home, Ted hopes Jo considers us.