A Cat A Day 8/4/14

I have spent the day at school again today, even though it’s the Easter holidays. I’ve been trying to get all my (200+) pupils’ books marked right up to date. With a new marking policy and paperwork to be completed and glued into every book, it’s proved to be impossible to do in two days. After 7 hours of wielding my pen and a glue stick, I regretfully gave up and brought the rest home.

I arrived to hear that Mouse has been eating and drinking, using her litter tray (to my relief) and having plenty of cuddles with Isobel. However, she still hasn’t explored far.

I’ve decided that I’m going to pick her up tomorrow and take her on a tour to see the sights of our house. Percy, Milka and Willow are still fascinated by Mouse, but she growls at them when they approach. Florence hasn’t been closer than about 3 meters. Scaredy-cat.


A Cat A Day 2013 #236

One of the many brilliant things about being on holiday is escaping from the television and having only a sparing amount of Internet access. This allows me to persuade my husband and children to play board games with me. We have screamed with laughter three nights running playing Pictionary. Here you see Isobel proudly displaying her cat drawing. In the other picture, she added detail for the blog.

We’ll play Articulate tonight, I think.



A Cat A Day 2013 #150

We had a big adventure today. A little background is needed; my love of Siamese cats was born in 1970, when I was five. My parents bought a male red-point, which they called Candle and he won our hearts overnight. He was a retriever, enjoyed riding in the car (loose) and adored a good trip out. Mum and dad took him to Richmond Park (where he chased red deer, years before Fenton the dog) and even the beach.

Knowing that some Siamese are just as intrepid as Candle and certain that Percy is the boldest kitten I have ever had, I took him on a 15-mile ride to visit my mum today. He was brilliant! He enjoyed having a new house to sniff, weed in his travelling litter tray and gave lots of affection to my mum, who he hadn’t yet met. Percy’s reward was a whole slice of poached salmon. We humans enjoyed a thoroughly retro game of Trivial Pursuit.

I don’t plan to take him to any parks, but am pondering which of my nearby friends would enjoy a visit from young Mr Percival.





A Cat A Day 2013 #141

Well, it’s a sad day, because Rosa is not going to stay on with us. She has made friends with all the humans she has met, but Rosa is resolutely determined not to make friends with Milka, Florence and Willow. Milka has been very persistent in making friendly advances, but Rosa won’t have it and snarls at him. One of their spats led to the little scratch on her nose.

I knew it was time to admit defeat yesterday, when Rosa snarled at Percy, who she has known since he was born. I think she must see him as one of ‘our’ cats, because he smells like them now.

Isobel and her friend Jen took about 50 silly pictures after school yesterday and Rosa just calmly enjoyed her cuddle. It’s just the other cats she doesn’t like.