A Cat A Day: 304/365

Today’s cat photograph is of Pushkin, who passed away in February. As he grew older, he used to forget to put his tongue away after he had a wash. I know it wasn’t very kind of us, but we used to laugh at him;


it was impossible not to, really.

A Cat A Day: 197/365

From left to right in this blurry picture; Cosmo, Hershey and Pushkin. 


My daughter says I’ve spoiled my 365 Challenge. For the first time since 1st January, I missed posting to this blog yesterday. My son fell off his bike yesterday evening and in the aftermath of cuddles and reassurances I just forgot.

But I decided a few years ago not to be so hard on myself, nothing is ruined is it?  It is a shame, but not the end of the world.