28 December 2012


Our new little chap is settling in very well. He is impressively confident, stomping round the house as if he is ten feet tall, shouting and eating anything he can get near enough to (in addition to actual cat-food, he has so far tried a pea, some brussels sprout leaves, yoghurt, a freshly-made chocolate-orange fairy cake and artificial Christmas tree).

Although he is so small he would come off worse in a fight with a cowardly guinea-pig and doesn’t even depress the keys on my MacBook, resident cats Florence and Willow are afraid of him and have spent all day hiding.

I still haven’t re-named him; I haven’t yet found true inspiration. Among others, I have considered the following themes:

  • 2012 Olympic champions
  • the festive season
  • chocolate (he is a chocolate tabby-point)
  • Greek mythology and ancient history in general
  • P.G. Wodehouse
  • Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

Tweet or FB me if you have any genius ideas, because we can’t keep calling him no-name.

27 December 2012

It’s back and as pointless as ever!

For those of you who don’t know A Cat A Day, I set myself the challenge of posting to my blog every day in 2011 and I am proud to say that I managed it. After ┬ácouple of months of 2012 however, I lost heart and even became a little bored, so I gave up posting.

However, today a new kitten has come to live with us, so I’m starting again. particularly so that Jo, his breeder can follow his progress. He came to us with the name Praline, but we think we will give him our own name. In today’s photograph our tiny new chocolate tabby friend is having a well-earned rest on Isobel’s lap.


Thank you Jo, we think your special boy will be very happy with us.