A Cat A Day 2013 #252

I will let my friend Lynda explain what Fudge did today:

He’s done it again. Fell asleep upstairs on a purple cushion. Collar got caught in it. Dragged it all the way downstairs, along the hall & into the sitting room.

Fudge has a bit of a history of being daft and I refer you to this story from February 2011.


A Cat A Day 2013 #218

My friend Lynda sent me these two pictures of her lovely cat Fudge. He has taken to following Lynda’s husband when he takes their dog Holly on her evening walk.

The other picture shows Fudge’s tail after Lynda’s grandson Jack has kindly applied sun cream to it. I bet Fudge didn’t appreciate Jack’s thoughtfulness.


20130807-212757.jpgThanks for these great photographs, Lynda!

A Cat A Day 2013 #47

Beautiful Fudge belongs to Reina Andaluza, a fellow languages teacher with whom I have connected on Twitter. I actually don’t know her real name, which is an odd feeling. Reina A has also let me have a photograph of Fudge’s friend Minx, who we will see soon. Thank you for sharing.

On a different note, I read today that Posterous is definitely closing on 30th April, so I will have to spend some time this half-term choosing an alternative host for ACAD and exporting, then importing this blog.

Annoying, but I shall not be thwarted in my feline pointlessness.


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A Cat A Day: 361/365

In contravention of the name of this blog, I am posting a second cat today. I am a day or so behind and need to catch up to end on the right number. This lovely boy is Fudge, who belongs to Willow and Rosie’s grandma – we have seen him earlier in the year here.

Cats show they are good at geometry when they curl their bodies up tightly; they know that a ball has the smallest surface area and is the best position if you want to keep warm.