A Cat A Day 2013 #140

MaxieToday’s cat Maxie belongs to one of my students. The poor kitty lost her leg after being attacked by a fox. As you can imagine, the operation and medical treatment which were necessary to save Maxie’s life were very expensive. The hero of the story is my student’s uncle, who very kindly picked up the bill. Maxie is now recovering well, so let’s shout HURRAY for kind uncles!!

A Cat A Day 2013 #23

Gorgeous, luxuriantly-furred Milo lives on the Isle of Wight with his brother Rex in the house of Tracy Hall. The cats came from the Cat Protection League and Milo is very sweet, but can be picky and the only person he likes is Tracy herself. I love the clarity and crispness of this photograph.


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A Cat A Day: 325/365

My old school-friend Caroline has sent me lots of photographs for this blog and this is the last. The lucky girl who gets to eat her dinner on the kitchen worktop is Miss Megan. Caroline is grieving for her dog Daisy, who recently passed away. I send her a hug and hope she is feeling a little better now.


A Cat A Day: 323/365

On Thursday at Presentation Evening, I made a sentimental last goodbye to the group of students who left my school this summer. Most have moved on confidently and are now settled into their new lives of study and work. For all Facebook’s faults, I love it, because it lets me stay in touch with a great group of wonderful young people of whom I became very fond.


Among them is Jason, who appears to be winning a staring match with Poppet, who we first met in March.

A Cat A Day: 309/365


Rachel Brockbank is one of the many lovely language-teaching people I have come to know through my Twitter network. Over time, I have met many of them in real life at conferences and teacher events, but I have yet to meet Rachel. I’m sure I will before too long.

Today’s cats are Lucky and Frank. Rachel says Frank likes watching television and tweeting, whilst Lucky is a little more reserved but loves lots of fussing. I have several more pictures of these two and will bring them to you between now and New Year.

Thanks Rachel!