A Cat A Day: 363/365


It’s been a strange day concerning Rosie the cat and and Rose the kitten. I spent hours yesterday searching the internet and sending out enquiries to find a new kitten. I was totally lucky and came across a lovely little red-point girl kitten in Newcastle called Rose, who had been a little unlucky with the first home she went to from her lovely breeder Jo.

When things didn’t work out, Jo took Rose the kitten back and wondered whether to try again to sell her. Luckily for us, she did and I spotted the advert yesterday, 24 hours later. I wrote an email of application (I believe you have to prove yourself worthy of adopting a Siamese cat) and Jo called me back.

We thought we might suit each other and in the midst of all today’s worries about Rosie, we nipped up to Newcastle, met the family and brought Rose home. Jo explained that Rose the kitten is shy, but loving and would need lots of tender patience and care to settle her in.

I am pleased to report that the first few hours have been a dream. Rose the kitten yelled herself hoarse all the way home, but has coped brilliantly with everything that has happened.

She has hidden under and behind all the living room furniture, but is already comfortable with all four humans and has slept on me and is currently asleep on Isobel. She has a bed, her own litter tray, a food and water bowl and protection from the other cats (who are locked out of the room).

We feel very positive that things will work out for our new addition. We are thinking about a new name for her, because we can’t have a Rose and a Rosie! All we need now is positive news about grown-up Rosie.

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