A Cat A Day 2013 #263

Sleeping Willow

We recently turned the central heating on for the first time since March and as a consequence the cats are sleeping in lots of new spots. Willow snuggled up on the dining table to be near the radiator. He also lay on the patchwork and leather bag I started in August and plan to finish at half term. Thanks, Willy, it’s all furry now.

A Cat A Day 2013 #73

ImageI really felt the need of a little creativity tonight as a way of relieving the stress of trying to get my students through their exams. I made a nice lined pencil-case using some fun multi-lingual fabric from my collection. I’ve never made something like this before (my past experiences are of clothing and patchwork quilts). I have signed up to the lovely Craftsy and followed a free class. It was rather fun working with my iPad on the table following the kind and patient American lady as she told me what to do.

Of course, Milka helped.Image