A Cat A Day 9/4/14

Florence, pictured this morning. She was looking for some gentle petting and I made sure she received it. She really does have the best whiskers in town.

Mouse is eating heartily now, but still hostile to the approaches of the other cats. We just need to be patient.


A Cat A Day 2013 #222

It would be understandable if both readers of this blog thought Milka and Percy were my only pet cats. This is because they are in-your-face confident, even bold and very comfortable with us humans.

My other two, Willow and Florence, are very different. Willow is reserved, even stand-offish. He came to us as an adult and whilst I am certain he is content, he prefers the company of the other cats to that of humans.

Florence is more of a mystery. She was a happy, confident kitten, but became a shy, scaredy-cat as she grew to adulthood. Like Willow, she is very confident with the other cats, winning as many cat stand-offs and running races as any of the boys. However, she is afraid of male humans, despite the fact that it’s almost always John who feeds her.

This afternoon, I went to my bedroom to escape the World Championship Athletics and read my book. I received a rare visit from Flossie, who demanded forty solid minutes of extravagant stroking, petting, cuddles and general affection. It’s as if I have to give her three months worth of affection in massive doses once every three months. She’s an oddity, right enough.