A Cat A Day 2013 #226

Ted is our ace reporter at the moment, today’s and yesterday’s pictures were snapped by him. You may spy an old pc (given to us and I don’t know what to do with it) and the rear of John’s Denon amplifier (I have even less idea what to do with that) in the background.


A Cat A Day 2013 #222

It would be understandable if both readers of this blog thought Milka and Percy were my only pet cats. This is because they are in-your-face confident, even bold and very comfortable with us humans.

My other two, Willow and Florence, are very different. Willow is reserved, even stand-offish. He came to us as an adult and whilst I am certain he is content, he prefers the company of the other cats to that of humans.

Florence is more of a mystery. She was a happy, confident kitten, but became a shy, scaredy-cat as she grew to adulthood. Like Willow, she is very confident with the other cats, winning as many cat stand-offs and running races as any of the boys. However, she is afraid of male humans, despite the fact that it’s almost always John who feeds her.

This afternoon, I went to my bedroom to escape the World Championship Athletics and read my book. I received a rare visit from Flossie, who demanded forty solid minutes of extravagant stroking, petting, cuddles and general affection. It’s as if I have to give her three months worth of affection in massive doses once every three months. She’s an oddity, right enough.