A Cat A Day 2013 #150

We had a big adventure today. A little background is needed; my love of Siamese cats was born in 1970, when I was five. My parents bought a male red-point, which they called Candle and he won our hearts overnight. He was a retriever, enjoyed riding in the car (loose) and adored a good trip out. Mum and dad took him to Richmond Park (where he chased red deer, years before Fenton the dog) and even the beach.

Knowing that some Siamese are just as intrepid as Candle and certain that Percy is the boldest kitten I have ever had, I took him on a 15-mile ride to visit my mum today. He was brilliant! He enjoyed having a new house to sniff, weed in his travelling litter tray and gave lots of affection to my mum, who he hadn’t yet met. Percy’s reward was a whole slice of poached salmon. We humans enjoyed a thoroughly retro game of Trivial Pursuit.

I don’t plan to take him to any parks, but am pondering which of my nearby friends would enjoy a visit from young Mr Percival.





A Cat A Day 2013 #131

Our new baby is home. We visited lovely Jo this afternoon and had a blissful time petting the members of her beautiful cat family. I feel bad when I bring a cat away from her, because she loves each an every one of them. I hope she doesn’t feel sad for too long when we’ve gone.

This little red-point boy brings the resident feline population up to five. He doesn’t have a pet name yet, but his pedigree name is Quartz. It’s John’s choice of name for this little one and he’s come up with about 73 options so far. The best news is that Rosa definitely recognises Quartz and has come out from hiding to sniff and lick him. She reappears every time he shouts. He’s eaten lots of chicken, had a sleep on all the humans and met all the cats except Florence. Brilliant debut!!