A Cat A Day 2013 #81

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I spend several hours a week trying not to laugh at teenaged girls who favour this make-up look.

You know the style; foundation the colour of mud, which stops dead at the jaw-line, but is smeared all over the white shirt collar. This is complemented by pencilled eyebrows of which Leonid Brezhnev would have been proud and a triple-thick layer of Germolene-pink lip-gloss. I am proud to say that I kindly just suppress my smirks and hand them a couple of baby wipes to clean it off.

Isobel explained that she was bored when she got home from school and this is why she experimented with the look I like to call “Isolation Room Year 9”. Milka only got roped in so I could share this with you all via ACAD. Sadly, I think he may have been smeared like a shirt collar during the photo-shoot.


8 thoughts on “A Cat A Day 2013 #81

  1. AAAAAAARGGGGH! Scary! Izzy, are you sure that you didn’t do this 5 minutes after your mum left home this morning, and that you weren’t in the isolation room all day? If so, this is a fabulous double-bluff!

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