A Cat A Day: 160/365

Please meet Miss Pearl Bailey and Dolly the Yorkie. This photo was sent to me by Caroline Bailey, with whom I went to school many a long year ago. When we arrived at secondary school, Caroline and I were the two tallest girls in first year. She kept growing tall and willowy. I stopped and remained pretty average.


I remember lots of things, but one of my favourites was sharing a tent at school camp for a week. All the other kids were in big scout camp-type group tents, but Caroline and I had a tent to ourselves and felt special.

I’ve said before that I enjoy seeing cats and dogs getting on well together. Even more when the dog is a Yorkie. I know my friends Dominic McGladdery and Pauline Bailes will also enjoy today’s photo.

Thanks Caroline – your other kitties will also appear over the coming weeks.

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