A Cat A Day 2013 #228

I walked into the kitchen and I don’t know what surprised me more, the mess or Milka on top of the cupboard.

20130816-221111.jpgThat’s a big hairy lie. The kitchen is frequently a mess, but I hadn’t seen Milka on the cupboard before.

2 thoughts on “A Cat A Day 2013 #228

  1. The two cats that I live with come running whenever they hear me opening the door to my kit store. It’s a space they rarely manage access to and they seem to be of the opinion that it needs a lot more exploration and examination that they’ve given it yet.

    On the other hand, their fascination with one empty corner and my investigation as to why led to realise that the dripping water noise was due to a blocked gutter outside that would have eventually caused a major damp issue. Plainly, then, Milka was just checking the structural integrity of your kitchen.

    • Thank you for explaining that. He had me wondering why he’d suddenly ventured so high. P.S. I need pictures of these cats you live with, please 🙂

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