A Cat A Day 2013 #203

Sue is a fellow-teacher and cat lover who lives quite near to me. Over two years ago I posted pictures of her beautiful Burmese cats Othello and Buckley. Very sadly, Buckley died a few months later in an accident at home.

I will leave it to Sue to tell you about today’s pictures:

Ophelia seems totally at home already but Othello is being a grumpy, hissy thing! He’s a bit better today so they’ll be best friends soon enough I suppose. It’s taken me 18 months or so to decide to replace Buckley – Burmese being such social cats I thought Othello needed company. I am sure it’ll work out.
Ophelia is a Lilac Burmese with a Lilac Tortie mum who is a grand champion. She’s a cutie for sure!





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