A Cat A Day 2013 #124

We took a little trip to Heaton in Newcastle this afternoon. Back in December, we bought Milka from Jo, our Siamese breeder friend from whom we also bought Florence. She mentioned at the time that Florence’s sister might need a new home because she was going to retire as a breeding queen. It made Rosa poorly to have kittens, so it wasn’t fair to ask her to carry another litter.
We collected Rosa and brought her to our house. It was a calm journey, with Rosa just chatting and asking questions, rather than getting very frightened and upset. She came straight out of the carrier and went and sat in the (clean) litter tray for a while. At least I’m now certain she knows where it is.
My picture shows her venturing near the living room doorway a short while later. She has been invisible for a couple of hours now, but I’m not worried. We have integrated new cats into our feline family 7 times before and it’s worked every time, so I have high hopes she’ll emerge, eat and integrate before too long. We’re all looking forward to enjoying our expanded cat family.

20130504-212746.jpgPlease excuse my ugly German Birkenstocks in the foreground. They’re soooo comfortable.

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