A Cat A Day 2013 #69

I’ve tried to work out how to tell this story without it being an incomprehensible mess, but I think my writing skills aren’t up to it. Here is the simple edited version.

This cat was found in a Hartlepool garden a couple of days ago and she just stayed there. Eventually, the garden’s owner started asking around to see if anyone knew where she belonged. I heard about it because my friend Lynda rang to ask if I knew of anyone who had lost a Siamese.

It has been very cold today in Hartlepool and we have had flurries of snow and hail, so Lynda took the cat in (despite the potential mayhem when resident cat Fudge smelled or saw her). She was clearly not a stray, because Lynda reported she loved being cuddled. The plan was to take her to the vet’s tomorrow to find if she was micro-chipped.

However, the owners had placed an advert in the local paper, word got around and within a couple of hours had come to Lynda’s house to collect her. The cat is called PusPus and had walked a good long distance and crossed several major roads during her adventure. Her lady owner had been suffering sleepless nights and had virtually given up hope of PusPus’ return.

We once had our own lost cat mini-drama and I can’t imagine how horrible the last few days must have been for the owners. I bet PusPus either acquires a collar or becomes an indoor cat from now on!

As the wind howls around our windows, I am very glad to report such a happy ending to this particular story.


3 thoughts on “A Cat A Day 2013 #69

  1. PusPus was a very sweet little cat. I am so glad she is back with her family after quite a big 9 day adventure. It was also very kind of the lady with the garden who caught her and fed her, despite the mayhem it caused in her house with her cat! When I went to pick up PusPus she was snuggled in a soft jumper next to the radiator! When she got to my house, she got freshly roasted chicken that we had made for our dinner! I guess she was a lucky girl to find two softies like us who took sympathy on her and gave her a little bit of love until her real mummy and daddy got her home.

    • She was very lucky all round. I can only imagine she crossed all those busy roads by travelling at night. She must have the most dreadful sense of direction!

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