31 December 2012

I hope that you enjoy your New Year’s Eve and send you every good wish for a happy and healthy 2013!

Here is Milka stretched out like a sleepy meerkat yesterday evening.

Please don’t continue reading this post if you are eating. Please.


Early this morning, Florence and Willow were lurking on the stairs and I think that Milka was too nervous to go past them to get to the litter tray. So he came in our bedroom and did the most enormous wee on our bed.

The weather is awful and it was impossible to wash and air the duvet outside, so since I was going to Ikea today anyway, John and I decided I would just pick up another cheap duvet and we’d have a spare. While there, I was chuffed to find that a duvet cover set which I’d liked for ages was reduced to ??20 (for a king size, whoop!), so I brought that home too.

We built the bits of furniture I’d bought and made up the bed with the new bedclothes and by that time I was desperate for a shower (anyway, it’s the law that you have to be clean to get into a bed with clean linen). Guess what? I left the bedroom door open and by the time I went back in, Florence had chucked up her dinner on my side of the bed.


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