A Cat A Day: 327/365

A month ago, Helen Daykin rescued a beatiful female Siamese and her 5 kittens from dreadful neglect. Luna and her babies have put Helen and her husband Chris through the emotional mill, used acres of newspaper in floor protection and cost all the Christmas shopping money in vet’s bills. However, after the most recent health scare, when things looked very black, the vet prescribed some last-ditch antibiotics to combat an infection which threatened the lives of the kittens and perhaps even take Luna.

Happily, the latest news from Helen (see her blog here) is that all cats have responded well to the medication, but it’s a nightmare administering it. Any self-respecting cat will scratch, bite and struggle if you try to medicate it, so Helen and Chris have adopted the tight-towel-wrapping approach. This is Raffa (a little female), bound up and helpless.


Chris and Helen, you are devoted and kind animal lovers; Luna and babies are very lucky indeed.

2 thoughts on “A Cat A Day: 327/365

  1. It has been a stressful time and I keep saying ‘never again’ but to be honest I would do it all again just because I couldn’t stand knowing that there was a cat and kittens out there being neglected. I am giving time shares in Luna for people’s Christmas pressies-not sure they will all cash them in but as she has take all my money then its the only option!Thanks for your kind words too F, you’d do the exact same as I have done I’m sure. 🙂

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