A Cat A Day: 306/365


Lynne McBoyle is a great contributor to A Cat A Day and I really appreciate the photos she shares with me. Lynne has sent me French, Scottish and Argentinian cats. This photograph arrived today and shows a very comfortable cat relaxing in Ernest Hemingway’s house at Key West in Florida. He left his house to the cats (in contrast, his Cuba home is full of dogs) and it now is home to a thriving colony of polydactyl felines. Polydactyly is the term for a genetic mutation which produces extra digits. It looks peculiar on a human being, but in cats it seems less odd. In the USA, these cats are seen as a separate breed, called the Mitten or Hemingway cat.


Picture: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/catbreed/americanpolydactyl.htm

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