A Cat A Day: 187/365

I’ve been saving this up for a couple of days . . . It’s ……. JOHN THE THREE-LEGGED CAT !!!!!!


My brother Dan, who is a professional historical Live Interpreter and Historical Entertainer , is currently running his three-week-long annual event at Southsea Castle. This is what he told me:

“I’m in Southsea doing my usual summer Tudor time travel thing. We can’t live in the castle last year, so I’ve rented a house for the cast. The house seems to come complete with friendly local cat!  He’s long haired enough that it actually took us a day or two of sightings to realise that he was missing a leg (you can’t tell when he’s curled up in the sun two back yards away!), at which point he was promptly named  Three-Legged John (after a man hilariously tangentially referenced in Southsea Castle records).

3LJ seems angry a lot, but he’s actually only lashing his tail for balance. He’s very friendly and comes to visit whenever the back door is open.  I’m sure this is nothing to do with the fact that we spoil him rotten with bacon and chicken treats!”

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