A Cat A Day: 183/365

Hullo. My name is Patchy. I am a rock star. Hey, I’ve got this cool puzzle (see if you can do it):

Q – Who is the coolest most awesome cat in the world?
A – PAT_ HY (Hint: C)
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool. Oh, and so is my brother, Sooty. He wanted to be in the picture, too, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it
(evil grin).Sarcastic smile

I received this message this morning and felt I had no alternative but to bring Patchy to you immediately. It was the evil grin which convinced me . . .
I wonder what kept Sooty back?? Locked in a cupboard, trapped under Patchy’s paw . . . ??


2 thoughts on “A Cat A Day: 183/365

  1. Thanks, Fee!! Patchy is officially a movie star. I could send you a video if you like…???First, some "fresh air" and "sunshine"… 😦

  2. You’re welcome Annie! When you have a moment (perhaps when it’s raining), I would love you to send me a video :0)

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