A Cat A Day: 131/365

I  work with Yen-Min Anderson, who comes from Taiwan. At February half-term she married her husband in a beautiful ceremony in Bristol (I know it was beautiful, because I saw the photographs). As one does, Yen-Min got married again in the Easter break. Luckily, she married the same chap again, but this time in Taiwan. The honey-mooners took this photograph and let me share it with you.

Here is what Yen-Min told me: “[This] … is the cat we saw at a restaurant on Orchid Island. It was sitting on a sofa when we were browsing the handmade souvenirs at the restaurants. I don’t know its name, either. The cat is not afraid of people, so lots of tourists like to take photos of it. The restaurant is near the sea, so we and the cat could hear the sound of sea when it was quiet.” 



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