A Cat A Day: 108/365


This is CoCo enjoying the sun. Recently she injured her spine, leaving her back legs useless. Charlotte (who teaches science and sings alto at my school) has been reassured that it’s just swelling and CoCo will completely recover. I would like to hand over to Charlotte herself: “This one was just yesterday in the garden lolling around on the grass. She is called Coco as when I got her (at Christmas time) she appeared to be such a calm and gentle little lady. Reserved when necessary, calculating and well behaved… Then…. ‘Battle Cat’ emerged. After a few weeks, the daemon inside of her awoke and she’s been a bit mental ever since – her spinal injury is testament to how much she chucks herself about! She was a farm cat who arrived as a barrel shaped, poorly kitten with lots of worms and quite timid, but the vet suggests her farm cat credentials is why she is so lively…! So! This is her! ”
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