A Cat A Day: 88/365

Today is an In Memoriam post about a fabulous cat called Amber who lived with Lynne McBoyle in Scotland. It’s best to read Lynne’s own recollections of her much-loved pet:

She was abandoned in the wilds of Caithness as a wee kitten. I took her in and she continued to live with me till she was nineteen and a half. 

 Whilst in Wick, Caithness, she used to follow me to school and wait for me at the main door all day long.

 We moved to Aberdeen and she blossomed here.  She was always up to mischief and could be found where cats are not supposed to be.  She loved to cuddle footwear.

 She is sorely missed.



I have had cats who were passionate about shoes, boots and handbags. But I have never had one who followed me to school! How wonderful Amber must have been.

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