A Cat A Day: 7/365


Today’s picture is from the archives. It’s lilac-point Pushkin just before we got married in October 1998. As a young man, he was the most athletic and skilled cat I’ve ever owned. Among other tricks, he not only retrieved like a dog (which Siamese often will), he would also catch small objects with his paws in mid-air and put them into his mouth before he landed. I wish I’d had a Flip camera then.

January 2nd’s photograph shows 14 year-old Pushkin as he is today.

4 thoughts on “A Cat A Day: 7/365

  1. I love your cat project! I have Burmese&they are such good company. I see from your Photos yours have such character! Life with a cat in it is so much better! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Thank you. It’s an adventure at the moment, trying to mix two adult newcomers in with three established cats. We’re treasuring each tiny little step forward.

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