A Cat A Day 2013 #180

My house will never be featured in a Homes & Gardens magazine. In fact, it’s more likely to be in a Health & Safety Executive magazine about the dangers of poor domestic hygiene. John was trying to go to bed when Percy climbed onto his shoulder, because he desperately needed to attack a cobweb.

20130629-214404.jpg John looks glum, because Percy doesn’t yet know how to get down without using his claws. Oooch.

A Cat A Day 2013 #172

The kittens were wrestling this morning. There is nothing vicious about their fights; the only sound to be heard is a little heavy breathing. Long experience has taught me that heart-felt fights, based on true enmity are loud when Siamese are involved.


20130621-213500.jpg As you can see, these boys are always one lick away from grooming each other and falling asleep together.

I have come across a wonderful Siamese cat blog tonight. I’m proud to say several of my daft posts were liked by the author of baileyboatcat.com. The amazing and adventurous Bailey splits his life between a flat in Nice and a boat harboured near Rome. He is an experienced sailor, who has handled one or two dips in the sea with great aplomb and sports his beautiful blue life jacket with style and panache.

I have asked Bailey if he would like to be a guest cat on this blog. I hope he can find a window for me in his schedule. In the meantime, I have enquired if he is ‘un chat bilingue’. Writing from North East England, Bailey seems to me to have the ultimate kitty/filmstar life.