A Cat A Day 2013 #256

ImageIf you’re a UK teacher and I simply say that I have been ‘meeting minimum expectations’, you might understand why A Cat A Day has been dormant since early this school year. If you aren’t, it would be very boring if I explained and you would probably think I was an overpaid, lazy, know-nothing, holiday-guzzling, self-deluding moaner, who can’t do anything, so teaches instead.

No matter, my pointless cat blog is active again and starting with a group of photographs of Milka massaging the sofa with his toes. Like other cats, Milka does this when he is content and I think it’s something to do with kitten memories of feeding from his mum and massaging her tummy.ImageImageImage

A Cat A Day 2013 #255

Still doing those kkkrrraaaayyyzzeee hours and I was up and working at five this morning. I don’t think P & M like me waking them up and they showed their disapproval by engaging in a prolonged wrestling match next to me.

Still working now. Do you hear that, Michael Gove? I’M STILL WORKING NOW, HAVING STARTED AT 5AM. The LEAST you can do is allow me a decent pension when I retire at 67.